Faraday LITE Kit

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Protect your privacy and secure vulnerable electronics with our comprehensive Xtreme Sight Line ~ Faraday LITE Kit . Whether you're concerned about data security, electronic eavesdropping, or simply want to temporarily disconnect from the digital world, this kit has you covered.

What's included:

  • 1 Yard (36”) x 54.5” of signal blocking Diamond Form Faraday Fabric: Crafted from high-quality nickel and copper fibers, this one-yard piece of faraday fabric offers top-tier signal-blocking capabilities. It's perfect for creating custom Faraday cages, lining bags, or even creating curtains to shield your space from unwanted electronic interference.
  • 1 Xtreme Sight Line LITE Faraday Bag (Black): Safeguard your phones and small electronic devices in this convenient, compact-sized faraday bag. Keep your devices secure from remote hacking attempts and protect your sensitive information with ease.
  • 1 Strip of 1" x 25" Faraday Tape: Use this versatile tape to help construct DIY Faraday cages, reinforce your faraday fabric framework, or repair any fabric tears or punctures.
  • 1 Pair of 100% Cotton Gloves: Handling Faraday fabric requires care to maintain its integrity. Prevent premature wear by using these soft and comfortable cotton gloves.

• Overall dimensions: 11" H by 8.5" W

• Double Roll Closure dimensions: 7" H by 8.5" W

• Half Fold Closure dimensions: 5.5" H by 8.5" W

• Fully lined Diamond Form Faraday fabric interior

• Meets the TSA guidelines for a personal item